Are you still of the belief that Social Media is  Hey B2B, Get a Social Media Strategy Will Youprimarily for the B2C crowd?  Or, are you doing Social Media just because everyone else is but there is no STRATEGY behind it?  In either case, that’s a long line to get into.
What do the statistics say?  10 Infographics to get you excited about B2B Social Media (special thanks to Lisa Dunn, published June 2013)
A recent CMO Survey reported that while B2B social media spending increased 9.6% last year, the majority of B2B companies failed to integrate social media into their business practices.
“The biggest challenge is that many companies see social media as a cute promotional activity when it can be a strategic marketing activity,” says Christine Moorman, director of The CMO Survey and T. Austin Finch senior professor of business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business  
What do you need to know to get started?  Hey B2B, Get a Social Media Strategy Will You
 1.) For a social strategy to work, it has to have buy in from the top.  If the leadership doesn’t support the initiative, it’s doomed from the start.
 2.)  Build a team, internally who have passion for social media, are proud to represent your company – they take pride in where they work and who believe in service to the customer.
 3.)  What will your investment be?  Time, energy, effort and transparency.  Time, energy and effort are no brainers, you spend that everyday on your business.  Social Media Success requires transparency and authenticity, period.  If you looking to use social media to sell you product or service, good luck.  You’ll turn your audience off in no time and you’re strategy will be dead in the water.
 Hey B2B, Get a Social Media Strategy Will You

4.)  What can you expect in return?    It will take time to gain momentum.  It’s not as easy as walking into a room and flipping on the light switch.  You will tweak, edit and modify along the way based on the activity you witness.  The ROI is different that what you’re accustomed to, get over it.   Gary Vaynerchuk said it best when he put it this way “What is the ROI on your Mother?”)  Finally, the results depends on the goals and objectives you define at the outset.  Keep the process simple

Building a Social Media strategy is not difficult but it must be purposeful and well defined ahead of time.  In most cases, it will align with what you’re already doing.  Your strategy is an extension of your:

The Company’s Vision
Your Mission
The Goals and Objectives
Define the Strategy
Determine the Tactics
(Tweak, Modify & Adjust Accordingly)
Measure your efforts
What’s your WHY?   Communicate that WHY with your target audience through the power of STORY
​Are you looking for the secret sauce to Social Media success?  Well, that’s it! It’s not complicated but it has to be intentional and it has to be strategic.  Otherwise, why do it?
Social Media is a conversation.  Conversationsions build relationships, relationships build trust and trust will build your business.