Is your target audience on the social web?  Are they on Twitter?  Indeed they are.  CEOs on Twitter  CMOs on Twitter CIOs on Twitter  CFOs on Twitter  CTOs on Twitter

We deliver a Sales 2.0 social sales model for B2B companies that produces the following results:

  1. Increase sales revenue by increasing the engagement with your target audience in such a way that it will get them to “act”.
  2. Decrease the cost of acquisition of customers to improve your bottom line and enable you to manage to budget
  3. Reduce the length of your sales cycle and accelerate company growth
  4. Provide an exceptional customer, vendor and employee experience where brand champions are created across the board that results in others telling your company’s story for you.  Think Disney, Nordstroms, Zappos, Chick-fil-A
  5. Gain competitive intelligence that you can leverage to differentiate your product, services and customer experience
  6. Hire top tier talent in real time which adds value to your organization, reduces your talent acquisition costs and increases employee satisfaction and retainment
  7. Implement a Social CRM program that tracks account activity, customer engagement, evaluates website traffic and conversions and enables you to measure the effectiveness of your online efforts.  What gets measured gets managed.
  8. Build YOUR brand and define how you are perceived online.  Building your brand builds value for your brand.  We build a strategy that gets you noticed with your target audience.  The only thing better than being impressed when they do business with you is being impressed well before they do business with you.  We leverage Social to be an effective, interactive business and branding tool.
  9. Increase your <Company> name brand recognition by identifying, reaching out to and building relationships with managing editors of trade journals, industry publications, bloggers and journalists at targeted media outlets

Consider this:  What is a 10% increase in sales worth to your business?  What’s a 10% reduction in marketing or customer acquisition costs worth to your business?   With well over 2 billion people on the world wide social web, do you think 10% increase in sales revenue or 10% decrease in marketing costs is possible, probable or a reasonable expectation to have?  We do and that’s what our Social Selling model delivers.

Social Selling isn’t any one way or approach to sales.  It embodies taking everything you do in person with customers, vendors and employees and continue building of those relationship online, consistently and strategically so that you can accomplish a pre-determined goal or objective.

The bottom line is “What’s your capacity for change?”  The results we deliver depend on the answer to this question.  If  you’re willing to engage and converse with your audience in an authentic, transparent way, via Social, than chances are high that this model will exceed your expectations.  We require our clients to #ThinkDifferent about Social.  In short, we transform our social selling relationship marketing strategy into results.

Your conversations build relationships, relationships build trust and  trust builds your business.  

We are Relationship Marketing experts who build strategic relationships with a target audience that produce long term, sustainable growth and profitability while creating evangelistic customers.  That’s what we do best.  That’s what our Social Selling model can do for you

Who’s doing Social Selling in B2B? 

Social Media for Higher Education using an effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Social Selling model is extremely effective in Higher Ed.  Here are the results we deliver to our Higher Ed family:

  1. Increase student enrollment.  In many cases that includes identifying and enrolling your schools’ ideal student
  2. Increase alumni participation.  Let’s face it, in this environment it’s increasingly more difficult to find your alumni, get them involved in the activities on campus, increase the number of alumni and increasing the amount of donations your college or university needs to move forward.
  3. Improve student retainment.  Many schools are getting the students they want on campus but an alarming percentage don’t graduate.  Our model improves the student experience and quality of life.
  4. Increase your brand name recognition.  We generate the buzz and get people talking.  The people you need most.  Building brand champions is crucial.
  5. Reduce your cost of acquisition.  #ThinkDifferent.  #ThinkSocial
  6. Provide value to students.  How?  Internships, Externships and Jobs!  We build the relationships that produce quality careers with your student body.  (Which also builds brand champions in Moms, Dads, Guidance Counselors, High Schools and much more).
  7. Research grants.  Need more?  We can help.