Let’s jump right in to the Social Sales debate and debunk three myths  that many executives believe about Social Selling.
Debunked Myth #1
The C-Suite isn’t on Twitter
Last week I spoke with an executive who said his target customer, B2B CFOs, were not on the Social Web.  Then he added “well, maybe on LinkedIn.”  I’m here to tell you that not only are CFOs on the Social Web, the entire C-Suite is on the social web.  
Let’s take Twitter for example.  Twitter users can be compiled into lists, or specific user groups,  that enable you to  join the conversation or simply listen and observe what they are saying via their tweets.  Here are five Twitter lists you might find interesting if you’re selling to the C-Suite:  
  1. CEOs on Twitter
  2. CMOs on Twitter
  3. CIOs on Twitter
  4. CFOs on Twitter
  5. CTOs on Twitter
Debunked Myth #2
Social Selling isn’t for B2B
There are many B2B companies leveraging this platform to increase sales revenue, improve the customer experience and reduce marketing costs, etc.  Who’s doing it right?
Debunked Myth #3
The C-Suite is not all that interested in Social Media.
Not true…
From the Wall Street Journal, Bosses Learn Not To Be So Clueless
Social Media empowers CEOs to be more effective leaders:  Get Your CEO to Tweet
The bottom line… word of mouth is universally acknowledged as the most powerful and effective marketing force there is.  
Social Media turns WORD of mouth into WORLD of mouth. (thank you @equalman)
what’s more…
Conversations build relationships, relationships build trust, trust builds your business
Building a Social Selling strategy might be worth further consideration if  you believe the above statement is true.