New technology is awesome but “change” (at first) is not.  Florida State University recently changed its Seminole logo and the fan base went ballistic.  Even though the new logo looks great, people just don’t like change.

Technology is changing everything and if technology isn’t changing your sales model, then something is broken.  Sales is about one thing, relationships. That never changes.  But the way we build, maintain and grow relationships do.

Technology gives us global access to:

So if your sales pros aren’t leveraging this technology , i.e. Social Business, it’s time to increase The Capacity For Change on your team.

Bonfires and tupperware parties are out.  Social Media is in.

Cold calling is out.  Social Sales is in.

Traditional marketing is out. Social Selling is in.

Disrupting your sales model using the latest technology and an updated  communication strategy will do something to your mindset about Social Media.  It will change it.