Read testimonials from some of our clients and you will see the positive impact that we have had on their businesses. See how we can help your brand online by building a digital marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience.

“Adam is on the tip of a tidal wave that is sweeping across higher education. He understands the importance of social media in recruiting and retaining students and recent alumni in the everyday vibrancy of the college/university campus. He also knows how best to design and implement a well thought out plan to achieve maximum results with these groups. He brings to the college environment the wealth of organizational experience he learned in the business community, combined with a true understanding of the fast changing, ever increasing, world of social media. He has taught me much — and I have been impressed.”

Thomas Morrison, Former Sr. Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs,The George Washington University Law School

“Adam Karwoski has demonstrated to me that he is a man of vision in the area of Higher Education and Social Media. As an avid student in this area, I find very few academicians who sufficiently understand the magnitude of the social media paradigm shift, and I find very few social media consultants who have the vaguest idea how to apply what they know in the world of Higher Education. Mr. Karwoski gets the big picture from both perspectives and is able to specially design a bridge to bring the two worlds together.”

Dr. James Nolan, President, Southwestern College Santa Fe

“It’s so very easy to find information about Social Media these days because articles about what a phenomenon Facebook & Twitter have become are in the press every week. However, what is really difficult is to find someone who you can trust, and guide you on how to effectively leverage Social Media in your business…Adam is that someone.”

Mallie Eric Preston,

“Recently, I had the pleasure of taking part in a workshop led by Adam – Branding “You, Inc.” with Twitter. Adam’s ability to facilitate a meaningful workshop added tremendous value to all who attended.  Adam has a relaxed, informative and relevant presentation style. He made the ambiguous topic of Twitter come alive!  If you or your organization are looking for a compelling presenter around a very relevant/timely subject – leveraging social media – Adam is your man!

Mark Myette, CPLP 
2011 President, American Society for Training and Development

“I had the very real pleasure of observing how Adam vigorously involved himself in learning about Social Media and how to apply it for maximum results. I have attended several of his Social Media presentations…they were informative, easy to understand and always professional.”

Bob Chaet, 
DBM Worldwide

“Adam is a motivated, focused & dedicated entrepreneur who is always raising the bar in his field.. I have found him to be a class-act who puts the client above all else no matter what, which is difficult to find these days. I appreciate his methodical approach to identifying the objective, breaking them down into logical parts & formulating an effective solution which is driven by results.”

Steve Kilinski 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Adam has the unique ability to see what lies ahead and anticipate what solutions would work best for our organization allowing us to be ahead of the technology curve on a consistent basis.”

Chris Morning
Manager, Executive Technology
The Coca Cola Company

“Adam is one of only a few people I know that truly understands the mechanisms for successfully employing B2B social media networking. He is a dynamic speaker on this subject and his company’s services result in significant revenue growth and are essential marketing/branding tools for today’s B-B oriented companies.”

Roger Reak
Managing Director, StratAlli LLC